Thursday, February 23, 2012

Custom Lure Design- Flippin Spoon

I have made several nice new baits after I learned some advanced foiling techniques. Here is my latest creation expected to be very effective in clear water lakes, it's my new flippin shad spoon with custom hooks. It's light weight and should flutter nicely in shallow water ditches and around boat docks. I definitely plan on throwing it in my upcoming tournament on Lake Ouachita.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lake Ouachita BWS

I'll be headed back to Lake Ouchita, AR around the 2nd of March for another Bassmaster weekend Series tournament. I was there twice last year and had a good event last fall taking 3rd place and receiving a paycheck. I'm more familiar with how the lake fishes and have at least knowledge of one more good area to fish. The weather should be nice and mild with temps back on the rise again...unfortunately they have gas prices rising to, up .38 just in the last 10 days and now I'm having to spend and an extra .20 gal for no ethanol so that has it already pushing $3.60-$3.70. Fuel prices and entry fees are my biggest obstacles for fishing more now, it's costing me anywhere from $100-$500 to get out on the water. At these prices it costs $200 to fill the boat and $100+ for the truck. I am needing to get out today and start working on my boat trailer lights, I can't afford a ticket from the highway patrol, I think I have a problem with the connector on the bumper?

I've been busy making lures for the past month and have put together quite a collection of custom baits. Everything from 8" hard jointed swimbaits posted in my previous blog to crankbaits, lipless and topwater prop baits even a couple Alabama rigs.

Speaking of Alabama rigs they have been winning tournaments and practically everyone receiving paychecks has been throwing it. So, as much as I'd like to catch bass on Ouachita with a number of other lures I'm going to have to throw the A-rig a catches big bass and that's what you need to win tournaments. The water temp should be about 50* so we're talking jerkbaits, square bills, lipless I think topwater pop r's should work also. I have a new field mouse that looking amazing in the water so besides the a-rig, jerkbaits and lipless shad I would like to give that new bait a try for some big mama's.

I'll update the blog after the tournament and share trails or whatever else I learn from the tournament. I'll be back there again in September for the 2day Division Championship, that is what I placed 3rd in last fall to qualify for Regionals, it will be the same deal this year. I'd like to make nationals so I can fish Sam Rayburn, TX. I have more time and miles on that body of water than any other lake.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bassmaster Open, Fort Gibson

It's been a while since I've posted to my blog. I've had to cut back on fishing tournaments due to finances. I will be fishing Bassmaster Weekend Series and tour events and a few big bass events in Texas. I've been busy making lures this winter. I'm only fishing one Open on the boater side this year on Fort Gibson in September however I haven't received my confirmation yet. Here are a couple 8" baby bass swimbaits I've made.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Table Rock, MO

They rescheduled the Bassmaster Open on Table Rock late in October so the bass will have moved shallow again in their fall patterns. I had made some 200+ waypoints earlier in April but since then I was able to find over a thousand fish attractor and brush pile, rock pile GPS locations so I can now go anywhere on the lake and find places to fish.

I will be fishing the Bassmaster Open on the Arkansas River, Muskogee, OK at the end of September before we head back to Table Rock. I have run into financial difficulty and have not been fishing as much as I am accustomed, it's just so expensive putting gas in boat even traveling to the different lakes I go to has become something I can no longer afford to do as often. We have had excessive heat this year also pretty much 100* everyday since the beginning of June so even if you get out to the lake it has been tough to enjoy the afternoons, a light breeze is a must, there is very little shade in open water as the bass are getting deep to escape the heat also.

I am heading back to Arkansas Lake Ouachita again at the end of August for the Bassmaster Weekend Series 2day championship so I can qualify for the Regional Championship on the Red River. I'm hoping I get some of the jobs I'm bidding right now so I will have the money to finish competing in these tournaments. Right now I don't have the money I need to complete my season. I really need to be practicing out on the Arkansas River so I have a chance for a paycheck in the next Open, I really need a good showing if I want to keep fishing and attract some sponsor support. They really don't give you the time of day now if you can't show that you can win these events. It's an uphill battle all the way. There's a good chance I won't be around next year on the tournament trail if I don't have some immediate success in my remaining 2011 tournaments. It's do or die as they say.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lake Ouachita

Bassmaster Weekend Series on Lake Ouachita, Arkansas this weekend, Here are some are of the trails I want check out. It's a grass lake so I should be able to find the fish. The water level is 10' high so that may effect their location, I suspect the big bass will still be caught deep but reports are some bass are up shallow in the brush. Leaving tomorrow with one day of practice for tournament on Saturday.

Fishing is a lot tougher than I thought it would be. There is a morning topwater bite then it gets tough. The water is a lot warmer than was reported and I haven't found the deep water fish, I haven't seen any grass or Lilly pads high water... some bass shallow but not really in the brush. I have a plan but well just have see how it goes, will be on the water earlier than today so maybe that will make a difference. Going hunting for shade and deep water before noon it was very hot, light wind on main lake felt good. So far thin spawned out bass 3lb best today? Very small field. I practiced on the two trails left/center.


I fished all new water today on Lake Ouachita, I fished the trail I laid out on the right. The fishing didn't go as well as I had hoped. I didn't catch enough fish to get in the money. No topwater bite for me. But my friend Larry Havaila won on the co-angler side using his Pop-R that he was using in practice. As strange as it sounds it didn't appear the bass would bite topwater in the shade, I guess that's where I went wrong in the morning? My co-angler threw a popper most of morning with no bites. The bait that I chose today was a Berkley Heavy Weight stick worm rigged wacky style on Trokar circle hook. I only had two keepers and got one step closer to Regionals on the Red River. I just didn't get the bites I needed. I did finally find some grass but got there too late in the day. I boated every fish that bit, just not the quality I needed for a limit. A little under 14lbs won...I just needed a limit of 3's. sometimes it's harder than it sounds. My other two friends Chris Megee and Mike Phar finished 3rd/4th...I finished 19th not so good with 2 bass. It was very hot and guys struggled to keep fish alive, Chris lost 4 otherwise he would have finished 2nd. My bass were healthier than when I caught them. I hope to make amends on the 2day championship on the same lake in August.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Central Open, Table Rock

I'm loaded and ready to travel to Branson, MO in the morning. I had to take my Skeeter in this week to have the fuel injector pump filters replaced, there was debris of some kind in there. It was expensive but I should be able to make my long runs now. I have a 45mile run from Table Rock State Park up the James River where I want to go. I'm not sure what my range is but it's going to cost me a lot of money for gas now that it's $4gal.

We are timing the spawn just right since they are behind with the cool weather we've had. We are finally getting some rain now so the water is rising which should move the bass up into the buck brush by tournament time. I should be able to catch them good. I'm going to run as far as I can, unfortunately it's going to cost me a fortune.

If I don't make the top 12 cut on saturday I will fish the Bassmaster Weekend Series out of Kimberling also. I should have figured something out by then and should have a good chance however my goal is to make the top 12 so I have an opportunity to win.

After the tournament I have one day to unload everything out of my boat for the trip to Toledo Fiberglass on Toledo Bend. I'm having my hull repaired from the puncture from Lake Fork, I will be getting the Gator Hull put on which is guaranteed for life and is transferable to a new owner. I may have found a good deal for a newer 2008 Skeeter ZX225 HPDI, so the new gator hull may help me sell my Skeeter, it's a big plus down there in Texas so I may be able to get a better price for my boat.

The Central Open was cancelled after water level on the lake rose 20' in the three days of practice. It rained heavy day and night the 3days I was there. It has been rescheduled for October.

I got the new Gator hull on the boat.
Follow these links to view videos I posted on Facebook:!/video/video.php?v=2058527183060&comments

I was the only bidder on a bank owned 2009 Skeeter 20i. I bid $20K to start then the bank bid $35K I got up and walked out. I was willing to pay $27K-$28K. It was a wrapped tournament boat and worth maybe $33K. I called a week later and bank still owned and are still trying to get $35K for it

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pickwick, AL

I have to start getting myself mentally ready for the second stop of the Bassmaster Central Open on Table Rock. I watched Davy Hite win the Elite Series on Pickwick in Florence, AL. I feel like I could have done very well in that tournament. I just got through fishing the same water as Hite and Terry Scroggins in the first Southern Open on Lake Toho. I've competed against Aaron Martens, Shaw Grisby, Paul Elias and the Lane boys in the Opens and the PAA event on Toledo Bend. Just the experience of sharing water with these guys has been a big thrill. I fished with Alton Jones on Falcon in my first event as a co-angler in the Elites, it was right after he won the Classic. I thought it was cool when I had the very same Yum Dinger, green pumpkin purple tied on. He did great on Pickwick flipping it in the sawgrass....I probably would have been doing the same thing. Aaron Martens was fishing one of the spots I fished in the community area up by the dam. There is a great drop off there with big boulders with the current running it's a great place to fish. I feel like I know that lake extremely well. Out there in the middle by the dam the bottom is rippled like waves on the surface and the bass sit between the humps and wait for bait to swim overhead, so swimming a jig, swimbait, or crankbait work great....slow rolling a big spinnerbait is also great. I didn't see anyone fishing the bluff walls but I'm sure they were. The bass love to pin the shad there, they have nowhere to go but up. Hite and Keith Poche fished up against the dam walls in slack water, fish where pinning the shad there and they were catching them big time. Hite won on a Berkley hollow body swimbait. I really like their thin body hollow body swimbait I use it alot and will be using it on Tenkiller next week and on Table Rock. I feel like I'm one of the boys now and know some of these guys pretty well after fishing 10 events with alot of those Elite pros. I've been becoming very versatile after competing on so many different lakes at a high level around the country, I'm sure this experience will pay off soon. Mentally, I've been through it all and that's mostly what I've been learning as well as how to catch fish these past four years. When I see these guys fishing lakes I know it's like I'm there. I can picture Pickwick in my mind and wouldn't even have to practice and be confident. Confidence is the number one thing a tournament angler must have to do good. I love it when I know where the big bass are and am catching them...then, there is the opposite of the spectrum. Frustration, and things breaking. This is a very expensive sport. I've been paying my dues and really can't wait to get back out on the water now that it has warmed up and the bass have moved shallow. I'm hungry and now it's time to win.